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Friday, April 13, 2012

hi, i'm in delaware.

The title of this entry is a long-standing joke between me and Kelsey. For years, we have gotten such a kick out of quoting the movie, Wayne's World. Here is one of our all-time favorite scenes (view at 0:33 to 1:20)...

Quoting the scene about Delaware took on a whole new meaning when we visited Kelsey in Milford, Delaware (just outside Dover) for Spring Break last week. We were indeed "magically whisked away."

The trip started off with a Sisters' Night Out to Conch Island to see
Matt Avery, the most entertaining one-man cover band ever!
Kelse rocked out on the inflatable guitar
while I chimed in on the tambourine.

Hamilton, looking dapper as ever
on Easter Sunday in his first seersucker suit.

Rehoboth Beach.
This quaint beach town is just 20 minutes from Kelsey's house!

Hamilton wanted to face the water and watch the waves roll in and out.
He wanted nothing to do with the 57 degree water temperature!

We love our Auntie Kelse!

Twin chucks.

When in Rehoboth...

Kelsey's new home! We missed her move-in date by about 2 weeks.
No worries though...
we'll be spending at least a week here every summer!

Hamilton will be disappointed when he finds out that the
dump trucks and bulldozers are gone when we return to Delaware.

Hamilton's Amish "bah-bees" at Byler's Country Store.

In case you didn't know, the Amish make a mean playground.
Hamilton tested out every single model at Byler's!


Spidey in training.

Aw shucks, that sure was a fun time!

We did not lay eyes on any Amish folk as promised by Kelse,
but we did find evidence that they were indeed in the area.

We enjoyed a lovely evening with our cousin, Brad, his wife, Anika,
and their three beautiful girls, Ella (4), Karli (almost 3),
and Baby Elin (2 months) in Edgewater, Maryland.

Hamilton felt right at home with Kelsey's horse puppy, Marmaduke.
She was pooped every day after several wrestling matches
and games of tag with a 20 month old!

Meet Kelsey's (and now Hamilton's) best friend, Denten Peasley.
We are looking forward to his visit to Kentucky soon!

Little Airman Haydock

Under the C-5 Galaxy,
the largest aircraft in the USAF, at Dover Air Force Base.

Family photo in front of one of the C-5 engines.

We climbed 6 flights of stairs to get this amazing view of the C-5.
Kelse was brave enough to walk out on the tail to snap this shot!

Look who it is, Staff Sergeant Charron! Second row, far left.
Kelsey has been all over the place since she left Louisville 4 years ago: Texas, Delaware, Iraq, Texas, and back to Delaware. In her new position as an Air Education and Training Command Instructor, she will stay put at Dover AFB for the next 4 years. Our trip to Delaware was long overdue, but was the first of many we hope to make while Kelse is there. Looking forward to the next time I can say, "Hi, I'm in Delaware" and mean it!