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Monday, July 9, 2012

spring into summer!

Hamilton loves outdoor activities, especially bike riding!

We struggled with a case of the Mondays
almost every week day after the warm weather arrived.
That's the price you pay for staying up late, playing outside!

This little boy is ALL boy. If he's not in the dirt,
then he's not having fun!

Thunder Over Louisville from Daddy's office.

Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon,
cheering on our friends, Mr. Alex and Mr. Michael.

Our dapper young fellow posing for his Spring photo at school.

Seersucker sweetheart.

Happy (early) 2nd Birthday to Hamilton
from Mama, Daddy, and the grandparents!


Best buds!

Running free!

Who wouldn't hire this cutie patootie for summer work?

Making Daddy work hard for the money!

Hamilton has become a huge fan of
the Ginger Miso Salad at Sapporo.

Summer kicks.

Swinging at the zoo!

Zoo date with Ms. Annabelle.

After several trips to the zoo and waiting in line
to feed the giraffes, we finally got a turn!

A little apprehensive about the
sprayground/splash park at the zoo.

First lollipop!

Learning the answer to "what will happen if I press this?"

Jumping lessons from Cousin Logan!

Visiting with cousins in Milwaukee.

Busting moves with Mama at
Blake and Alicia's wedding in Milwaukee.

After dinner sprint with Ms. Libby.

Admiring tractors, not horses, at Churchill Downs with Papa.

Slumber party with Foster and Boone.

Playing with trucks, one of our fave passtimes.

Hamilton's latest OCD-esque tendency.
He does this himself.

Boy's best friend.

At Rough River on Mr. Brandon and Ms. Ashley's boat.

Happy Father's Day to Daddy and Papa!

Celebrating Mama's 30th!

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  1. YAY Summer!! Love the pic with Belle. :-) You all are such a fun family - inspires me to get my hide outside!!