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bloggy doodle (n. - blog-ee dood-l): a peek into the life of a teacher mama and police recruit daddy and their reasons for being: a brown-eyed, blonde-haired little boy and his furry, four-legged partner in crime...and coming soon, a baby girl!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

goodbye, summer. hello, fall.

Congratulations to our favorite newlyweds, Eric and Jordan!
Ice cream treat after an end-of-summer swim date at Lakeside with mama's teacher teammates.

Moonlighting on the weekends as Junior Bartender at Kern's Korner.

Exploring an unattended bulldozer.

First UK game of the season.

Like father, like son.

Flipping "panpakes."

Admiring the boats with Auntie Hayley.

Feeding an elk a carrot at Henry's Ark.

Reliving Daddy's glory days at the '97 St. X State Champtionship Reunion.

Teaching Baby Kolbi how to read.

Pre-game snack before cheering on the Herd in WV.

Smooches for the Marshall buffalo.

Sporting his new "pack pack."

Riding Mr. Stan's tractor.
Watching "cockters" at Bowman Field with PawPaw.

Rocking his Fall-weather uniform of jeans and chucks.

Toasting his tootsies by the hot "bire" pit.

Bending it like Beckham.

Checking emails.

Bundled up for brunch on the deck with his bestie.

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