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Friday, April 5, 2013

spring has sprung!

We're blowing off the dust and clearing the cobwebs from BloggyDoodle after its 6-month hibernation. Enjoy these photo updates from Fall, Winter, and early Spring!


Some light morning reading in the buff.
Speaking of "buff," check out that rib cage...I mean, muscles!
There's nothing like running barefoot through the grass!
Annual trip to Huber's Orchard, Winery, and Pumpkin Patch.
Halloween in the Halls at Auntie Danielle's and Bob's "sool."
Trick or treating at the Louisville Zoo.
Riding "hosies" at Doc's farm.
Playing dress-up with Baby Lucy's hat with Libby.
Kicking off the Christmas season with a ride on the Polar Express.
Evening snuggle.
Best buds.
Looking like a little man on picture day at school.
Speaking of school, someone thinks he is too cool for it.
Family Christmas Card 2012.
Merry Christmas!
Going strong at Christmas 2 of 3!
Hard at work on the potty.
We should be in big boy undies soon!
January & February
First real (and one of just a few) snow of the season.
"Jomping" at "nastics."
Practicing some serious focus and coordination on the parallel bars.
Hammie Mouse sporting the most coveted
(and fought over) item in the two-year old room.
Mesmerized by the "sarks" at the Newport Aquarium.
Ham and Sam.

"Oh no she didn't."
Reading with one of Mama's students,
waiting for Daddy to come pick him up on a sick day.
So happy that trips to the playground are back after a frigid Winter!
Collecting eggs left behind by the "Eeeeeser Bonny."
Weekly solo on the "doms" after church.

Dino Dig at the Indianapolis Children's Museum.
Driving a real-life race car!
All smiles after an action-packed day at the museum!
Visiting Uncle G and Tommy in the Purdue Football offices.
Flirting with Kolbi at the Boilermaker's Spring practice.

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