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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

tinkled pink!

BREAKING NEWS: Big Brother Hamilton has named his baby sister "Meatball." Gifts from our friends, Nah-uh-wee, Sock, and WizBiss (The Graesers), reinforced his decision. . .

How fitting a name for such a dainty, girly girl nursery! Enjoy photos of the surprise I came home to today - a completed nursery for Little Miss Helene Davis! I am so impressed by the tag team effort, compliments of my mom (YaYa) and Justin.



Her bed awaits.

Custom pillows and blankie by YaYa. Love Birds Collection (fabric for pillows) by Carousel Designs.
My first teddy bear (1982). Love Bird Damask pillow.

Love Birds pillow.

Custom drapes (Love Birds) by YaYa.

Custom pillow (Love Bird Damask) by YaYa. Meatball's going-home outfit by Carter's.

"Out for a Waddle" (Jane Mason Burke) print from my nursery.

White rosettes? It does not get any girlier, folks!

Wire dress form...just because.

Dresser/changing station, check. Wall decor, still in progress. Coming soon: custom birth sampler by YaYa to complement the vintage frames.
Shabby chic. Vintage. Whatever.
Countdown to Baby Meatball's arrival: FOUR and a HALF weeks! Official due date is September 23. Stay tuned for updates!

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