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Friday, April 30, 2010

Project Nursery

Check out the progress in the nursery:

The valance, our first purchase, coordinates with the crib set. I love the whimsical circle-dot design!

We narrowed the paint choices to these two shades of blue. The smoky blue sure is handsome; however, the brighter blue is softer and more appropriate for a baby boudoir. And it matches the valance perfectly!

Bob and Justin thought it best to expand the closet to accommodate Hamilton's growing wardrobe.

"This should only take about a week." (Famous starting words.) The clock is ticking, guys, so get a move on!

Thanks to Laura Finnegan Johnson for this idea, posted on as "Alphabet City." I have been hunting letters for weeks. Painting will get underway once school lets out. My mom is on board as the Color and Doodle Design advisor. Patti (YaYa) is quite the artiste!


  1. The room is coming together great, and I LOVE the letter idea! I may borrow your idea for playroom decor.

  2. Why not use both colors with a chair rail? The darker on the bottom and the lighter up top. Thats what we did with Tuckers room. I was very cute :)